Making a citytrip to Bruges!

Tip: deze leuke reisgids Brugge vertelt je al heel wat nuttige weetjes en toeristische info over je romantisch weekendje Brugge!



The city of Jan Breydel

Bruges is a very important city in medieval history. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the pivotal hanzeatic cities in the Hanzeatic League. Most of the city centre is still suffussed with this medieval spirit. On the Big Market Square, for example, you can still admire the statue of Jan Breydel, a popular hero at the time. It is not for nothing that Bruges is also known as the Venice of the North. You can stroll about the charming canals and streets endlessly. In 2002, Bruges was included on the list of World Heritage Cities.

Belgians often say that Bruges is like an open air museum, but naturally, Bruges is much more than that. Bruges has a rich cultural and artistic patrimony. The renownded Bruggemuseum is actually a set of 11 different museums, going from famous Flemish Primitives, medieval manuscripts, or even contemporary art and architecture. A visit to the peaceful beguinage in Bruges is an real must. If you even have the smallest interest in art, culture and beauty, I strongly recommend you to visit Bruges. There is a wide variety of hotels Brugge to choose from. It is highly recommended to book hotel in Bruges beforehand, as the touristic season never really stops there.

Our wonderful stay in that Bruges hotel!

I just got back from a wonderful holiday in a hotel in Bruges. Bruges is often called : 'the Venice of the North'. This splendid medieval city is one of Belgium's crown jewels. In no other European city the feel and the look of medieval times are so present as here in this city close to the North Sea. Staying in a hotel in Brugge, whether it's a budget hotel in Bruges like mine or a luxury hotel in Bruges, is one of the best guarantees for an absolutely enchanting city trip!

Today's Bruges has a population of about 45.000 people (the old center) or 120.000 people (center together with the suburbs). These numbers clearly show that Bruges is not a tiny miniature city. It ranks, even today, among the important cities of Belgium. It is also the capital of the Belgian province of West-Flanders. A lot of people take day-trips from Brussels to Bruges, but there is to much to see here to fill only 1 day. The best way to visit Bruges is to spend at least one night in one of the many beautiful and cozy hotels Bruges.

Later in the evening, when all the tourists have gone, and you leave your hotel Brugge centrum, Bruges finds back its charm and quiet of old times. When one is lucky with the weather, a stroll through the tiny medieval streets can be an enchanting experience. Bruges is always beautiful, in the summertime as well as in the wintertime. Lucky visitors will never forget the city after they have seen it on a snowy December or January day.

Bruges is unique, in the sense that here the town authorities have done the utmost to preserve the medieval-looking image of the city. Of course, not every stone in Bruges has come to us straight from the Middle-Ages. Even some authentically looking Brugge hotel are brand new. The 19th century neo-gothic style is more present than one should think. Because of these 19th century renovations, some critics have put Bruges down as a 'fake' medieval city. Nevertheless, the combination of old, not so old and new fascinates everyone who first sets foot there and decided to book a Bruges hotel!

Een vakantie in België (Bruges, Antwerp, Brussels, etc) kan bijzonder leuk zijn, maar je hebt het misschien meer voor echte actie, fascinerende citytrips naar échte, kosmopolitische wereldsteden? Waarom ga je niet eens weg hotels Londen, dé coolste stad in Europa!