Hotel accomodation in Bruges

Hotel accomodation in Bruges

Every tourist who has been to Bruges will confirm that staying at a hotel in Bruges is a most enchanting experience. Most of the hotels in Brugge are situated in the medieval heart of the city, where once famous artists or scientists used to live, like mathematician Simon Stevin or painter Jan Van Eyck. A lot of Bruges hotels are in fact authentic historical mansions.

Brugge Pand Hotel

You can spend your night at the Pand Hotel in Bruges. A room in the Pand Hotel Brugge is not cheap. But of course, having been proclaimed Best Charming Hotel in Europe, that does not come as a surprise. The Pand Hotel in Brugge used to be the carriage house of a wealthy family. If you are willing to pay the money, Pand Hotel can be a perfect accomodation for an unforgettable trip to Bruges.

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