Visit more than Bruges

All roads lead to Bruges


From Bruges, you can easily reach other important locations in Belgium. So, if you are planning to stay in Belgium a bit longer than a few days, don't hesitate to explore the country after your visit Bruges.


A first recommendation is to visit Antwerp. Recently, Time Magazine put Antwerp in the renowned top ten list of most interesting cities. Of course, Antwerp has a rich cultural history. After Bruges' port became too brackish, the port of Antwerp became the most important one in the world, and it still is plays a pivotal role in world economy. What's more, Antwerp is known to be the place to be for clubbers and hipsters. So why not try something new and spend the night in one of the many hotels in Antwerpen. For instance, you could stay at the modernist Hotel Antwerp. Near the impressive three store Central Station, you can find the Diamond Hotel in Antwerp, offering comfortable hotelrooms at moderate prices. If you are planning a longer stay in Antwerp, and you are willing to pay for it, I highly recommend you the Arass Suite Hotel Antwerp. All these hotels in Antwerpen are ideally situated in the heart of the city.


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Brussels is also interesting. It is within one hour from Bruges. Belgium's capital city is also the political core of the EU. So it is obvious that there are plenty ofhotels Brussels. Brussels has a magnificent historical heart and is a true multicultural metropolis. Hotels in Brussels can be quite costly. The Hotel de France can be a good choice. This hotel is located near the South Railway Station. If you can afford something more expensive, you can go to the five star Le Chatelain All Suite Hotel, which is located in the centre of Brussels, offering all essential luxury and comfort. To conclude, if you are looking for something in the middle price range, there is the Hotel Van Belle. It is ideally located between the Old Market Place and the South Railway station. It is wise to take your time when you look for a hotel in Brussels thoroughly. After all, there are a great deal of hotels Brussels, but not all of them are as good as they are presented.


Lastly, you could also go to Ghent, within half an hour from Bruges by car or train. A stay at one of the many hotels in Ghent is highly recommended. The city offers an interesting mix of historical grandeur comparable to Bruges on the one hand, and a sparkling and youthful citylife on the other hand. Hotel Chamade in Gent is centrally located and suited for both businessmen and leisure people. Or you can stay at the historical Hotel Saint Georges, that looks out on the Ghent City Hall. If you are looking for something unique, you can go to the Ghent River Hotel, that is located at the right bank of the river Lys and can be reached by boat. There are quite some hotels in Gent but i personally believe that they lack some charm compared to hotels in Brugge.


Other interesting Blogs about Belgian cities

If you are looking for more information about Belgian Cities and its hotels, there are a few websites where you can find much interesting. If you are looking for good info about hotels in Bruges this website will tell you all possible good hotels in the city. Valuable information about Bruges ( Brugge in dutch ) is found here aswell. Bruges is a beauty to visit from a good hotel so inform you about Bruges as good as you can. Bruges is a city to come back to so a good hotel in Bruges is of the essence. Find your back to Bruges in the christmas periode, the entire city is so beautifully decorated you would keep walking through the sometimes blistering cold. Bruges is one of the finest cities in Belgium and well worht the trip. Other fantastic destinations are without Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. Brussels is as a capital a very busy city compared to Bruges.

Ghent is a little less well known city in Flanders but is certainly worht a visit. Ghent is full of interesting places an is fine place to sleep. Going out in Ghent is offcourse also a fantastic idea and Ghent offers quite some possibilities.


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