Best hotels in Bruges

Brugge hotel Malleberg
Also Hotel Malleberg Bruges is recommended. Hotel Malleberg is an ideal location for families. You are just a stone's throw away from the Grand Place and the Burg Square. The hotelrooms of Hotel Malleberg Brugge are are equipped with toilet, shower, hairdrier, tv, telephone, coffee and tea and free internet acces. The Malleberg Hotel Bruges is located in a beautiful historical building and ideally located.

People from Belgium often call Bruges an open air museum, but of course, Bruges is much more than that. Bruges owns a great treasure of cultural and artistic patrimony. The renownded Bruggemuseum is actually a set of 11 different museums, going from famous Flemish Primitives, medieval manuscripts, or even contemporary art and architecture. A visit to the peaceful beguinage in Bruges is an absolute must. If you even have the slightest interest in art, culture and beauty, I highly recommend you to visit Bruges. There is a wide variety of hotels Brugge where you can choose from. It is highly recommended to book hotel in Bruges in advance, as the touristic season never really comes to an end.

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